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SAN DIEGO,Feb. 11, 2021/CNW/ — Nex Cubed, a leader in early-stage innovation and startup acceleration, has announced a partnership with the Government of Canada to launch the SoCal Tech Highway Digital Health Program to support Canadian Digital Health startups who are interested in expanding their business to the US Market.

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The six high-growth Digital Health startups selected to participate in the program span a range of solutions including telehealth, remote patient monitoring, connected devices, clinical decision support, mental and behavioral health, and digital therapeutics. As part of the program, the selected startups are undergoing a series of workshops led by former industry executives to learn how to navigate the highly complex and regulated healthcare industry in the US. Each company is also matched with a dedicated Subject Matter Expert to act as a guide to facilitate navigation through the intricacies of the US healthcare system. Nex Cubed Digital Health‘s Program Manager,Nick Phillips, notes, “The companies in this cohort representCanada’sbest and brightest for the future of digital health. When speaking with our Subject Matter Experts, who have spent decades building their careers in the healthcare industry, it’s clear that they are excited about the prospect of what these technologies can bring to the US.”Daniel Haders II, Ph.D.,

Nex Cubed Digital Health’s Managing Director, added by saying, “It’s evident that these technologies work because these founders have already built successful businesses in Canada. It’s our job to help them commercialize in the US.”

Nex Cubed has created a distinguished 17-member Advisory Team that is embedded with the accelerator companies and works with founders on a daily basis. Nex Cubed has also assembled a 51-member Digital Health Investor Advisory Board that is comprised of Tier 1 angel, institutional, and corporate investors from around the world.

“This exceptional cohort has serviced thousands of customers in the US andCanadaand has raised over$14.2Mto date,” said Haders. “Our team is thrilled to help another fantastic group of international companies commercialize their technologies in the US market and reach the next level.”

“This program underscores Nex Cubed’s commitment to provide companies from outside the US with the tools, resources, and knowledge required to successfully and affordably scale their business into the US Market,” said Nex Cubed CEO,Marlon Evans. “Through our partnership with the Government of Canada, we are able to accelerate the growth and impact of innovative digital health solutions tackling critical issues within the healthcare ecosystem.”

Upon completion of the program, Nex Cubed will be hosting a virtual demo day to showcase the companies onApril 14th, 2021. Click hereto register for the event.

About the Participating Companies


Cohesic™ is a clinical decision intelligence company that develops enterprise software products to improve diagnostic and therapy decisions. Their Decision Intelligence software platform augments enterprise health IT systems by providing end-to-end workflow solutions with integrated decision support. The company is currently focused on cardiology, specifically in cardiovascular imaging, and has commercially available modules for cardiac catheterization, CT and MRI. The company is developing additional risk prediction Decision Intelligence software tools for cardiovascular conditions that cause major burden to patients and healthcare systems including tools for predicting which patients are at high risk for heart failure admission or who will develop atrial fibrillation, a major cause of stroke and other morbidity.


The Hexoskin Smart Shirt is the only clinically-validated smart garment that can remotely monitor cardiac, respiratory, and activity data of patients during daily activities. Hexoskin shirts are designed to be used for remote patient monitoring, chronic disease management, and post-acute rehabilitation programs. Hexoskin’s data and connectivity allows us to develop new AI software for acute health event prediction and detection to improve management of chronic care patients at home.


mmHg is a digital health company creating evidence-based solutions for chronic disease management, specifically hypertension and diabetes, as well as obesity and heart failure.  The company’s primary focus is blood pressure telemonitoring, both home blood pressure and 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure, with cloud-based solutions for both. The platform is cloud-based, broadly scalable, and device-agnostic, with connectivity to over 30 peripherals. mmHg specializes in helping partners deliver cost-effective, guideline-concordant care while generating revenue.

MYND Therapeutics

MYND Therapeutics is a digital health company that develops and distributes smart digital therapeutics to consumers, patients, providers, and payers. The interventions are based on years of science, use modern and proven clinical guidelines, and are driven by software programs to help prevent, manage or treat physical, mental and behavioral conditions. The company’s digital therapies are designed to offer improved access, cost savings, and unparalleled personalized experiences. The company’s first product, MYNDSET, is a fully immersive obesity and weight management program that integrates the latest in science and medicine with social support and skill development through virtual reality, gamification, and artificial intelligence to deliver long-lasting health outcomes.


OPTT is a B2B, digital first, behavioral health platform targeted at healthcare organizations, to increase their care capacity and improve their care outcome. Their disease-specific, pre-designed and clinically validated therapeutic modules help patients develop the skills and knowledge necessary to manage their behavioral health challenges, while being supported by clinicians in the comfort of their own environment. The clinically validated, streamlined solutions and proprietary AI algorithms equip care providers with the smart tools designed to support, monitor, and interact with their patients longitudinally while increasing their efficiency by 4X.


ShareSmart is a health communication platform that optimizes real-time collaboration and consultation among healthcare professionals and patients. Its platform facilitates virtual health consultations (i.e. remote patient monitoring and telemedicine) and professional collaboration via secure video and real-time messaging. The company’s intuitive and lightweight solution promotes accessibility for patients, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring timely care from the safety of the patient’s home or place of work. Its practice management interface includes patient scheduling and clinical resource routing, as well as an ability to integrate with wearable tech. This, in addition to a proven ability to decrease per capita care costs, differentiates ShareSmart from its peers who offer standalone virtual health solutions.

About Nex Cubed

Nex Cubed

is an investor and innovation partner that empowers startups, investors, corporates, and governments from around the world to bring new technologies to market, helps rising companies scale, and provides paths to liquidity – the power of three.

Through our global innovation platform that includes Sway Ventures (VC) & Material Capital Partners (private equity), we innovate, invest in, accelerate, and scale frontier tech companies. We accomplish this by developing Centers of Excellence (COE) around key industry verticals that are ripe for innovation. Each COE consists of best in class entrepreneurs, investment partners, industry experts, and government leaders.

Over the last three years, Nex Cubed has established itself as a leader in early-stage innovation and acceleration, creating a global ecosystem of 3 industry-specific COEs, 77 investments, 45 partners, 50 strategic advisors, 50 investor advisors, and over 140 mentors. To date, the Nex Cubed portfolio companies have an aggregate value of half a billion dollars, and over 50% of the startups are led by female and minority founders.

Since 2017, Nex Cubed has established itself as a leader in Digital Health, becoming one of the most active Digital Health Investors in the U.S., recognized as a top 10 Digital Health Accelerator in the world, and recently selected five new companies to participate in its 2020 Digital Health Accelerator Program.

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